DVD Replication and Duplication Services

Like CD replication, DVD replication is the highest standard for producing DVDs. This process is used for any DVDs being sold at retail and ensures maximum playability of a DVD across all players and maximum lifespan and durability of the DVD. This process involves the transfer of the client's supplied master through Eclipse Glass Mastering software onto a Glass Master. A metal stamper is then created which is used to 'press' that data (via injection moulds), into polycarbonate heated at high temperature. The polycarbonate is then coated (metallised) with aluminium to enable a players laser to reflect and read the data. The final replication process is sealing the disc with a lacquer protective coating to ensure the data is protected from scratching and to ensure that the disc doesn't oxidise. An additional process for DVD is that the disc is made up of 2 layers which are bonded together after the data has been pressed into the polycarbonate. This enables more data to be included than a CD which holds between 700-800 MB ie 4.2 GB for a DVD5 or 9.4 GB for a DVD9.
The printing process for a DVD is the same as a CD and is done via either offset or silkscreen printing. DVD replication is best suited for runs of 500 and above.

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The DVD duplication process involves 'burning' blank prepurchased DVDRs. The blank DVDR's have a die coated on the playable side and a laser burns the data into the discs, creating a series of 'pits'. This is similar to the process most home computers can now do. The exception is iDigital Australia uses professional A Grade media and professional duplication equipment which ensure the highest possible playability across all players as well as the longest life of the DVD and durability. All our duplication is done with fully trained and qualified engineers. Each DVDR is then subjected to stringent quality control procedures.
Once the DVDRs have been duplicated they can be printed either by inkjet or thermal printing. DVD duplication is best suited for runs below 500 and promotional DVDs or for urgent turnarounds. They can be manufactured in as little as 24 hours and upwards depending on the packaging and printing required.
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